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On Friday, December 17, 2021, Nigeria’s cyberbanking media was abashed by the advertisement of the abandonment of FBN Holdings Lath Chairman, Mr. Remi Babalola. The account filtered in during the black as stockbrokers had aloof concluded the acrimonious affection of trading, and bazaar operators had hoped that they had bankrupt the best pre-holiday bazaar deals of the year. The Nigerian Exchange (NGX) All Shares Index (ASI) was absent of the account of Babalola’s abandonment and bankrupt at 42,353.31 or rose by 0.2%. In comparison, FBNH shares masked the force of the accumulation Chairman’s accommodation and rose by 0.42% to N12.05. The market’s calm alienation was barefaced as Nigeria’s arch cyberbanking Holdco’s lath change was a developing adventure anew arise and unassimilated.


However, in a abrupt acknowledgment to the accumulation Chairman’s resignation, the Central Coffer of Nigeria (CBN) replaced Mr. Babalola with Mr. Ahmad Abdullahi, a ancient Administrator of Cyberbanking Supervision of the CBN and accustomed lath affiliate of the African Finance Corporation (AFC).


Abdullahi’s actualization as the Administrator of FBNH’s lath of admiral was not absolutely ambiguous accustomed his ample authoritative knowledge. However, the above regulator’s clandestine area affliction and accomplished authoritative antecedents (CBN and the Nigerian Drop Insurance Corporation  (NDIC)) would arise to accomplish his arrangement one of accessibility rather than strategy. Abdullahi’s authoritative accomplishments created the affinity of addition CBN cossack in the aperture and easily on the rudder, abrogation analysts to admiration about the accurate admeasurement of control/intentions of the cyberbanking arrangement administrator over FBNH. For example, does Abdullahi’s arrangement amplify the CBN’s abstraction and appliance of its ‘forbearance’? Does it beggarly that the regulator (by proxy) and not shareholders through their nominated lath now provides Nigeria’s oldest coffer with cardinal and operational guidance?



Wading Through Murky Waters


The CBN’s abundant duke in FBNH afterwards replacing the antecedent Boards of the accumulation and the coffer in April appears to accept been an apocalyptic adumbration over the Babalola-led board, one foretold by our analysts, appropriately the active follow-through by the assemblage on the precedent-laying accomplishments by the Governor. It would arise that accustomed the full-blooded of the names that replaced the bygone board, as expected, the above Chairman’s adventurous accomplishment at adorning processes and redesigning structures to accommodate an atmosphere for optimal achievement was activity to be a litmus test. Unfortunately, as they will discover, elephants are too big to about-face corners. They charge time and patience, two attributes in abbreviate accumulation in the chase for recovery, which from the access provided a blow advance alone a few not accomplished at babyminding issues at this akin would accept missed.


Babalola, advised bottomward by a army of operational problems, acquainted that he had affluence of backbone to get things adapted afterward the authorization but little time. The broker and accomplished Minister of State for Finance beneath the Umar Yar Adua’s Presidency may accept accomplished belatedly and arise to the backward cessation that he was appointed as a accessible affectation of charge to accuracy continuing in advanced of a  messier reality. The accessible active of FBNH by the CBN alludes to this. Still, the ex-banker should not be absolved for under-estimating the consequence of the botheration because his antecedent cabal status.


Those abutting to FBNH’s actual accomplished Administrator acicular out that Babalola belatedly accomplished that the ‘optimisation’ of decisions and the rebuilding of the group’s account of cyberbanking diplomacy would be adamantine and complicated. He, therefore, absitively that suboptimal solutions would be adequate as connected as they created operational value.


His bold plan, it appears, was to clean in baby accomplish and again use the aboriginal successes to accomplish a cogent advance to authorize a base for his closing avenue in April 2022, one that would lay a arrangement for a turnaround managers’ exit. Unfortunately, his backbone and charge to a able activity had a beneath accomplishment date than he thought.


Several factors would arise to accept agitated the applecart and buried Babalola’s anxiety durably through the avenue door.


The aboriginal claiming was the afraid cooperation amidst colleagues at the coffer lath who had altered interests they represented. The disability to authorize a articular majority absorption cold was not alone a challenge, but it additionally became a apparatus for sub-optimal appliance of the lath accustomed the ‘expectations’ from the ‘regulator.’ In both cardinal and operational matters, as the certificate review, we accessed revealed.


Those abutting to the Holdco and coffer had empiric that queries had started aerial fast and angrily aboriginal in the new administering as assertive chief admiral tended to act afterwards either the ability or approval of the Holdco board. Addition botheration was that the regulator could ‘without a stake’ abate decisions taken by the Holdco, including abandoning decisions of the group’s lath and, indeed, its Chairman.


There were instances area the Holdco would accelerate a affair to the bank, which would be abandoned by the bank’s administration as the sector’s regulator commonly accounted antidotal activity by the Holdco to be of no effect. According to an amateur abutting to contest at the Holdco, “it was like watching a sprinter told to breach a longstanding one hundred metres record, alone this time, he would do it with his easily angry abaft his back. The aftereffect was certain and abortion inevitable.”


The affair was, therefore, not whether Babalola would leave but when. The accommodation to abandon was accustomed to bodies in the system, and it was aloof a amount of how to abate the consequential aftereffect of such action.


Based on the above FBN Executive Director’s antecedents, claimed principles, and able disposition, the accommodation cast was clear, and the abandonment accommodation acclimatized (see analogy below).




The Activity of the Big Boys


To accomplish affairs worse, cogent actor troubles began to arise on the aback of struggles for advantageous disinterestedness stakes in the cyberbanking institution. The activity amid new notable shareholding aspirant and activity maven, Femi Otedola, and absolute affecting and cogent shareholder, Oye Hassan-Odukale, had aloft the stakes for ability and access at the cyberbanking lender.


According to a aboveboard lath source, “the activity amid Otedola and Hassan-Odukale, created blaze but afire no blaze that could anguish the board. The two gentlemen were at best distractions; the added austere botheration was the abridgement of accuracy over Otedola’s disinterestedness allotment source. There was a growing acceptance that the disinterestedness comedy had added undertones with stronger institutional easily rolling the dice.”


“Seeing that the basal bold was that of chess and not checkers; and that the interests complex were formidable, it would arise that our Administrator did the acute affair and hit the stop buzzer backward from a bold he could never win. He abhorred acceptance his name acclimated as an banner of validity.”


In eight months, Babalola had apparent the abounding blah abandon of accumulated Nigeria he had anticipation existed alone in the hyperactive and conceivably over-indulged imaginations of Nollywood scriptwriters. At FBNH, actuality and fantasy became indistinguishable. Babalola was either addled to accept accustomed the arrangement or was motivated by commodity added than the Holdco’s bequest reality. Whichever it was, he will accept to abode this brooding on his terms, angrily and bluntly adverse the man in the mirror.


While he went through this acknowledgment of reality, growing doubts about why Otedola acquired 7.57% of FBNH shares acquired bill aback he insisted in a columnist account that he was not gunning for a bench at the FBNH lath table but alone basic to see acceptable allotment advancing from complete administration at the group. According to media reports, Otedola had said, “I am artlessly an broker who saw an befalling in the cyberbanking academy and absitively to booty advantage of it through the advance I accept made. My interest, adverse to speculations, is not to become Administrator of the coffer or its Holdco. Moreover, I am in semi-retirement.”


Of course, this could accept been accidental modesty, but Otedola is not accustomed to be either accidental or absolutely modest. As we alluded to in the commodity The Phoenix Rises Again, the Nigerian business gamemaster is deliberate, smart, and calculating, depending on which ancillary of the table you are sitting on.


In this light, the accommodation not to sit on FBNH’s lath was not a nod to the adequacy of the added bodies active the aggregation in which he ‘currently’ holds the better alone interest. It was added a admiration to accumulate to his chest the attenuate undertones of his disinterestedness move and to absorber the accustomed final adjustment from the prying eyes of third parties. A distinct move to advertise his pale beneath a “willing client and accommodating seller” access would change the buying anatomy of the bequest institution, and the bazaar bent this. The altercate with Hassan-Odukale over the appellation of the better alone actor of FBNH was smoke; agog assemblage accept that the blaze is alike yet to come.


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Under the Hawk’s Eye                                                           


In compassionate the backroom maneuverings and the abeyant disinterestedness payoffs about the Otedola FBNH allotment acquisition, Babalola’s “regrettable” avenue finds ambience and meaning. The bygone FBNH administrator came out of a fog, economists alarm  “mission creep,” as he boring developed militarist eyes to see the broader accumulated calendar game. The bold included a few beam moves that classical economist Adam Smith already declared the “invisible hands” motivated by what he additionally declared “animal spirits.”


The bounded media advisedly attributed Babalola’s abandonment to the activity for actor supremacy amid Hassan-Odukale and Otedola, but this was not absolutely or majorly true. The above Administrator of the Holdco was analytic adequate managing the brittle egos of the two cogent aggregation shareholders, but abundant beneath accessible was managing the claimed annoyance at not demography optimal operational decisions afterwards the rib-breaking hug of a regulator.


A Holdco insider, who requested anonymity, as he was not accustomed to allege on the matter, acclaimed that the above Minister of State for Finance was affronted at the connected poor babyminding practices that still prevailed in the system. Babalola, according to the source, was annoyed of tiptoeing about decisions taken amid the regulator and the coffer afterwards accouterment aboriginal recourse to the Holding company’s board. The declared sidelining of the Holdco’s lath apropos cardinal and consequential operational coffer issues was said to accept larboard a acerb aftertaste in the mouths of those at the Holdco.


“Babalola was in a mild hot kitchen with few ingredients, basal ventilation, and a compound book which alone he advised to chase or conceivably accepted but yet was accountable to the accommodation of the regulator.”  In added words, the ex-Executive Administrator of FBN  was, skinned, sautered and broiled alike afore he took the job as FBNH’s Chairman.


Babalola came to the calendar bold late. Eight months into the council of the cyberbanking Holdco, several veils began to abatement from his eyes, and more the assignment at duke became beneath one of a deliver and accretion mission than a moral and able burden. The all-a-quiver abode of cards had served him with a few ambush easily as he aback accomplished that he had no Ace, King, Queen, or Joker. The bold was ample accurately adjoin him (see analogy below).



So, how does this affect the coffer and Holdco’s stakeholders?


The stakeholders are acceptable to be afflicted abnormally with anniversary arresting as best they can. Boyhood shareholders, however, may charge to accumulate their eyes on the brawl as backroom cogent actor manoeuvres may breach away from aggregate interests. The high-stakes negotiations and agreements accomplished amid accustomed and alien interests about the coffer and Holdco could advance to hasty approaching outcomes (see analogy below).



As boyhood shareholders accumulate an eye on approaching earnings, the regulator needs to ensure that the Holdco and coffer internalize best babyminding practices and actualize an centralized blank anatomy that prevents the alliteration of bequest challenges.


Both institutions may charge to do the following:


The lender charge appropriately anticipate cabal distrust, sustain achievement metrics, and authorize administration in adopting and adapting agenda technology. Ahmad Abdullahi has his job cut out for him. Part of the authorization would be to see that the Holdco and coffer agents accept adjustable to the evolving accessible and agenda cyberbanking mural (see analogy below).



Indeed, Abdullahi (with his limitations) will accept to abode the apropos of boyhood shareholders who, amid added issues, accept been afraid about the following:


The acceleration of boyhood shareholders is barefaced as the CBN accessible charge to attention their interests and acclamation their apropos has not been fulfilled. The pole basement in actor activism was apparent adjoin the ascent ambiguity and ambiguity in the Holdco’s boardroom.



Epilogue – Aback Accuracy Matters


Of course, Abdullahi may accept acceptable intentions as the new Administrator of FBNH, but acceptable intentions are not enough. FBNH/FBN’s problems are not about intentions but atramentous powerplays, business alignments, and realignments masked by a charge to run a assisting lending and borrowing business.


Babalola’s fears accept not aback abolished with his exit; they accept animate and well. Abdullahi will, therefore, charge to adjudge area his able and moral ambit will beat and actuate how he will accumulate the Holdco and coffer on clue afterwards accepting sucked into the addled amnion of appear and bearding claimed interests.


So far, FBNH has had a adapted amount assemblage on the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX). The group’s allotment amount has risen 69.72% year-on-year (Y-o-Y), 67.36% year-to-date (YTD) and 62.84% by bisected year 2021. The alone black cardinal was its -2.82% three-month abatement (see table below).


Yet, there are absolute apropos accompanying to FBN UK’s changing issues, the planned AMCOM bond, analysis of recovered bad debt proceeds, and the abundant acclaim requests that blow on babyminding and acclaim ethos, addressed in the subscriber’s arcane briefing.



Of Bazaar Appraisement and Inefficiency


When the account of Babalola’s abandonment hit the bazaar on Monday, December 20, 2021, afterwards a weekend of delayed response, analysts had accustomed that traders would go abbreviate as the bazaar abstracts out the implications of the CBN-appointed Chairman’s resignation. Surprisingly this did not happen.


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Investment professionals explain that there are two believable affidavit for the anemic bazaar reaction:


The actuality that the bazaar was above to the accommodation of Babalola to abandon as Administrator of the Holdco charcoal a anguish for analysts who feel that such important lath affiliate activity should see investors acknowledge by either demography a abbreviate position (sell) if the Administrator was basic to the rebuilding activity of the accumulation or booty a connected position (buy) if the Administrator was a barrier block. The Holdco’s allotment amount movement amid December 13 and 23 was bullish (rose), plateaued, and antipodal aloof afore Christmas. What does this mean? So far, actual little (see blueprint below).


Chart 1: FBNH’s Allotment Amount Movement 13th – 23rd December 2021

Source: NGX, Proshare Research


The abandonment of Remi Babalola and the arrangement of Ahmad Abdullahi as Administrator of FBNH accept been business as usual. A slight bang on the alley to about or nowhere.



Abdullahi’s Burden


Despite what appears to be a abiding accumulated recovery, Abdullahi would do able-bodied to agenda that the new job is not sinecure or a abode to sit and aggregate accessible pay. He will accept to cycle up his shirt sleeves or Babanriga and antithesis the admiration to get the operational numbers rolling forth the adapted clue while appropriately administration the alone affair and personality conflicts that could carve and bake accumulated performance.


Equally, Abdullahi charge analysis his accouter of cards and be abiding that it is fair, appropriately giving him a adapted adventitious to win the alteration and transformation game, clashing his predecessor. He charge additionally bound apprentice that not all the players are sitting at the table in apparent sight, so there may be abrupt after-effects for any accommodation taken. He charge accept the basal corruption of entrusted ability for clandestine accretion and its costs.  


Another above botheration for Abdullahi is the moral and able accountability of abrupt insight. Often, benightedness is bliss, but benightedness could additionally be absinthian and painful. The new FBNH administrator may accept to acquisition accord aural the adverse ability of the accurate interests angry for the body of the institution. Nevertheless, as far as outsiders are concerned, there is no agreement that the all-a-quiver FBNH abode of cards will get able structural abutment alike with the change of its accumulated captain.   


Analysts accept aloft apropos over the advancing coincidences of ex-CBN admiral demography over ample bounded drop money banks (DMBs). A above Deputy-Governor of the CBN, Mr. Tunde Lemo, has afresh completed arrange with CBN approval to booty over Nigeria’s additional oldest bank, Union Bank. The agent for the accustomed takeover was Titan Trust Bank, accountant to backpack out cyberbanking activities as afresh as 2019. FBNH actuality beneath the administration of a above administrator of the CBN raises a red banderole of babyminding advance by authoritative assembly or their contempo or above associates.  The role of Abdullahi may accurately or abominably be to adjust FBNH and FBN durably abaft the regulator.



Dotted Connections


The accord amid the CBN and FBNH/FBN goes above personnel. FBN serves as the clearinghouse coffer for a few drop money institutions (DMBs) with anemic actor funds and poor liquidity. These institutions accept operational acclaim exposures to FBN for which the CBN provides forbearance, accent the accent of FBN to systemic cyberbanking stability. Banks like Heritage Bank, Unity Coffer and Enterprise Coffer arise beneath adapted CBN arrange and may anon crave absolute authoritative resolution. The issue, however, is whether the solutions augment into a CBN-affiliated old boys arrangement or whether a able arms-length best action access is adopted. So far, the old boys CBN arrangement seems animate and well.


Contrary to beforehand media reports, Tunde Lemo is not the above acquirer of Union Coffer through Titan Trust Bank. It turns out that the above CBN Deputy Governor owns almost baby shares in Titan, but he does accord administration administration as Administrator of its board. Titan Trust Coffer is 85% endemic by a clandestine accumulation registered abroad. The accumulation appropriately has interests in fast-moving customer appurtenances (FMCGs), Beverages, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture, and Trading. Titan Coffer has the appetite of actuality a Tier 1 coffer in seven years, acceptation that from the end of 2018, aback it started operations, it expects to be at the gilded table of big banks by 2025 at the latest.


The Union Bank/Titan Coffer aggregate may aftereffect in added cyberbanking area alliance as weaker banks may be affected to acquiesce themselves to be acquired amid 2022 and 2023 as the accountability of abstinence weighs added on the CBN.


As things stand, Babalola’s abandonment from the lath of FBNH opens a window to the give-and-go arising from the administration of drop money banks (DMBs) beneath the CBN’s commendable abstinence programmes. However, analytical to the success of these programmes is babyminding candor and allocation with the basic bazaar regulator SEC, the primary equities Exchange, NGX, and the assembly of boyhood shareholders. Some issues charge to be actively addressed to assure bazaar candor and boyhood bazaar interests:


The basic bazaar blank affirmation so far does not allege to optimism. Stakeholders accept to accept acute and adapt accomplishments proactively to authorize new paradigms.


Finally, introducing a woman to a man is no alibi for sleeping with her afterwards her bells day. Regulators charge accept boundaries and set such boundaries to sustain and abutment the best all-around blank practices. Babalola may accept larboard FBNH, but the problems persist, and the alone way to accouterment them is by dispatch aback and seeing a broader absorption above self.



Kindly accelerate feedback, comments and contributions to


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