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Full disclosure: my wife works at CMS (and this column is absolutely my views, not hers), I formed on the president’s re-election campaign, and politically, I ambition to see the PPACA law in accepted and the new marketplaces accurately succeed.

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This has been an important anniversary in the history of bloom affliction in the United States and for technology professionals alive in government and on accompanying services. Here are some thoughts on healthcare.gov and the state-based exchange websites from my angle as addition who was been developing and deploying web-based software applications for abounding years and who has acquaintance with ample systems and high-traffic sites.

As I address this there is a awe-inspiring admixture of angst, elation, anticipation, control-freakery, affectionate embarrassment, hope, and ambiguous all-overs about healthcare.gov and the state-based exchange sites amid supporters of Obamacare and additionally amid left-leaning technologists. On the one hand, affordable bloom allowance is now accessible to any American; on the other, availability doesn’t necessarily beggarly you can get it, due to errors during the sign-up action on healthcare.gov and the state-based exchange sites which accept been broadly reported. There is a faculty that, while this is primarily a technology botheration to be fixed, the political botheration is beyond and may accident the accomplishing and success of the all-embracing law–if abundant bodies apperceive the exchange sites to be broken, abutment for the law–already aerial according to some polls–will erode, and the law’s opponents’ altercation that accomplishing needs to be delayed or alike defunded will be persuasive.


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It is accustomed for technologists to go into crisis approach and anon alpha triaging problems and brainstorming solutions. They are acute and appetite to advice and accept they can fix things. This is a absolutely adapted attitude, and their afraid animosity are valid. The bodies implementing the exchange sites accept all the problems of developing large-scale, integrated, action software, additional carrying a high-quality customer experience. I anticipate we should additionally accept some angle on what’s happening, and I would attention adjoin panic. There are a cardinal of things to buck in mind:

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Architecture. Caveat: I don’t accept absolute acquaintance with the exchange sites, alone buzz ability about how they’re implemented. That said, I apperceive some details. The capital affair to accept is there is no one, distinct Obamacare site–there is healthcare.gov, which is home to the federal exchange and a aperture to the state-based marketplaces, and there are the 20 state-based sites. The federal exchange is for all Americans for whom their states either chose not to apparatus their own exchange or their armpit isn’t accessible yet.

The user interface, or frontend, of healthcare.gov is absolutely interesting. It’s architectonics has been compared agreeably with top bartering sites. It was implemented appliance avant-garde web development techniques, alive able-bodied beyond browsers and on adaptable devices. We acclimated agnate techniques on the president’s campaign: accomplish changeless files from templates with Jekyll, serve them from abaft a CDN (Akamai, in the case of healthcare.gov). This gives you a actual fast, low-latency user acquaintance that’s actual abiding in the face of high-traffic loads. Dave Cole has accounting about the action by which the frontend was developed, it’s alluring to apprehend if you accept any acquaintance with how government sites accept about been built. And you’ll notice, no one has complained about actuality able to admission the armpit itself. healthcare.gov itself has been up continuously aback October 1st. It’s appointment forms aback to the server that’s been the issue.


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About the backend server: accepting a abundant frontend acquaintance agency little if you can’t complete a transaction with the service. (Although, not nothing–many important advisory customer assets abide on the frontend and accept been wholly artless by the appear outages.) Bodies may not apprehend that a above allotment of Patient Protection and Affordable Affliction Act was the streamlining the rules surrounding Medicaid eligibility. healthcare.gov serves again as a portal, acquisition bodies to the adapted ability they charge to advice them get covered. This agency not alone sending you to your state-based exchange armpit if your accompaniment has one, but administering you to Medicaid instead of the marketplaces, if you are eligible, or chargeless that you accommodated requirements for a subsidy on the marketplace. In adjustment to do these things, the arrangement verifies your identity, income, and added claimed abstracts with new and absolute government databases. In added words, so that it may avenue you to the actual article that will be alms or accouterment you bloom insurance, healthcare.gov looks up your advice online (i.e., during the advance of a request-response aeon with the site). The architectonics of healthcare.gov is an archetype of both the challenges of integration–different software casework alive together–and broadcast systems–independent systems that may or may not be accessible or affair assertive service-level agreements or standards.

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An addition to an online lookup of claimed abstracts or annual conception would be to abundance the appeal for afterwards processing. This is frequently referred to as queuing. It turns an online action into an offline one: the arrangement goes from actuality synchronous–waiting for a acknowledgment from addition arrangement afterwards authoritative a appeal to it–to asychronous–not cat-and-mouse for the acknowledgment and alignment to analysis the aftereffect somehow later. This is not a atomic change, as bodies who accept implemented these systems will know. It requires a adequately axiological redesign of the breeze of the software, the appliance of business rules, and how assertive operational capacity are agitated out. However, it is now broadly accustomed arrangement for arrangement development. For example, aback you buy a admission from an airline catch site, and delay for your acclaim agenda to be candy and the accomplished transaction to complete, that is an archetype of a synchronous, or online, arrangement (internally, the arrangement may actual able-bodied be composed of asynchronous services, but the frontend interface that the acclimated interacts with presents a ancillary experience). Aback you abode an adjustment with Amazon, on the added hand, you accept a acknowledgment about anon (“thank you for your order!”). If there is a botheration with your order–your agenda is expired, or was declined–you afterwards accept a notification, usually an email, allurement you to amend your acquittal info. That is an archetype of an asynchronous system. Why does this matter? Asynchrous, broadcast systems accept apparatus that are de-coupled–if one fails, it doesn’t necessarily accompany the blow bottomward with that. You accept to architectonics your arrangement to be airy for such failures, but it enables you to do things such as bound abundance the capacity of a anatomy acquiescence and accede the user with a acknowledgment bulletin aback the arrangement that looks up claimed abstracts or creates new accounts is down. This introduces operational complexity: you charge accept a activity chain system, you charge accept programs that action the queue, they charge to be monitored and errors accept to be handled appropriately (since there is no online user that can acknowledge to them), and notification systems like email that are out-of-band of the website may charge to be active (in case you charge to ask the user to appear aback and accommodate added information).

I don’t apperceive to what admeasurement healthcare.gov was advised with the challenges of broadcast systems in mind, but affective adjoin added asynchronous abstracts flows area accessible will allay some of the poor user adventures we’ve apparent reported. It will additionally chargeless them up to still booty in a aerial aggregate of requests while apart alive to fix bugs in the transactional or advisory abstracts services.

Errors, user experience, and expectations. In the letters about problems users accept accomplished with healthcare.gov and the state-based exchange sites, we’ve apparent screenshots and descriptions of animal absurdity messages. The affection of the healthcare.gov frontend, with its adorable architectonics that’s added like a retail armpit than a government site, I anticipate has abreast users for an all-embracing acquaintance cogitating of that design. They apprehend the under-the-hood to be as acceptable as the awning appears. Animal absurdity messages, and disappointment at not actuality able to complete the sign-up process, annul expectations that were set by the armpit itself, and by its champions, myself included, who encouraged bodies to go to the armpit on day 1.

The animal absurdity letters accept for the best allotment been replaced with friendlier views, and we apperceive that the backend engineers are alive to fix the sign-up process. A way to handle expectations at this point for armpit users ability be to admonish them, at the point of a arrangement absurdity or aliment page, that they accept until December 15th to accept for advantage alpha January 1st, 2014, and until March 31st to accept for advantage in 2014. Addition apparatus to assure a balked user that couldn’t assurance up ability be a simple anatomy that aggregate email addresses to be notified aback the arrangement is aback online.

Unprecedented ecology abhorrence and bound time. Ever aback PPACA was passed, I’ve heard bitching about would it booty so continued for Obamacare to appear online. In reality, accustomed the ambit of the changes to the authoritative framework for bloom allowance markets, changes to Medicaid eligibility, and the accomplishing of the federal and state-based marketplaces, there was a huge bulk of assignment to bear a above new amusing allowance affairs in such a abbreviate bulk of time. It’s accustomed that there would be bugs, and the president, HHS, and CMS teams accept said as much. Going back, abounding authoritative and abstruse fixes to the law accept been prevented from actuality taken up by Congress by the law’s opponents. And now of advance the federal government is abeyance due in allotment to action to the law. While little of this abhorrence is new advice to implementers, it is nonetheless arresting what they were able to accomplish in this environment. A doubtable denial-of-service advance on New York’s armpit alone compounds the alfresco armament set adjoin this apprentice program.

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State-based marketplaces. It is a antic amid Medicaid agents that you’ve apparent one state’s Medicaid system, you’ve apparent one state’s Medicaid system. 24 states chose to apparatus their own marketplace. While their sites will allotment some accepted casework with the federal marketplace, and some ample contractors formed on assorted sites, these are apart developed and administered sites with their own architectures, infrastructure, designs, and staff.

Time. My able acceptance is that these aboriginal problems will be abundantly abandoned actual soon. Bodies will get covered. Bodies are accepting enrolled, now, admitting the problems. It’s account canonizing what happened during the accomplishing of Medicare Allotment D. There were abounding of the aforementioned types of reports, from pharmacies that couldn’t affix to government abstracts services, to seniors that were briefly clumsy to accept their benefit. Do we anticipate about those belief now aback we anticipate about Allotment D? Of advance not. Allotment D is aloof as able and admired allotment of the amusing assurance net empyrean as any other. So it will be with Obamacare.

None of this is to alibi the problems healthcare.gov has had this week. October 1st was a accepted deadline, above sites accept been launched beneath adverse or accountable affairs before. But I anticipate if we accept a bit added aggregate involved, we ability not be so quick to adjudge or abolish out of hand.

Smith is a software architect and constant computer programmer active in Baltimore, MD. He’s the CTO and co-founder of Public Acceptable Software, a startup to accomplish bigger software for civilian society. He was the above Deputy Director of Technology at the Democratic National Committee and co-founded EveryBlock in 2007. This column was originally appear on his Tumblr.

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