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13) Dexter vs. Santa Claws (Dexter’s Laboratory): Okay, this is activity to be a controversal assessment of mine. Now I apperceive a lot of bodies hated this episode, but appear on, it’s one of the amusing episodes anytime made. The way Santa Claus say’s “Ho, ho, ho” absolutely fabricated me laugh, abnormally aback he got attempt bottomward by Dexter and fell into his abode and destroyed it (Yes, this adventure is beggarly active and at times cruel, but that doesn’t ruin my amusement from watching this episode). Dexter was aggravating to prove to Dee Dee that Santa Claus isn’t real, but rather his Dad in beard (and his mom as a reindeer), and he alike sings a rap song about it. We all apperceive that Dexter is not alone a boy genius, but a stubborn, aloof kid, so techinally this isn’t out of actualization for him. The alone affair that absolutely is advancing about this adventure was aback Dexter ripped off the reindeers antlers. At atomic it didn’t accept claret advancing out or bruises, but still it would’ve hurt. But added than that, admitting actuality a absolutely beggarly active Christmas episode, it’s still a absolutely funny adventure to watch. I begin this Facebook column adage that addition is arresting this adventure like I am. I could go on to say the aforementioned things he had said, but I’m gonna leave the articulation beneath to prove…

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12) Thomas’ Christmas Party (Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends): There was article appropriate about this episode. The attempt in the catastrophe with all the engines (plus Annie, Clarabel and Bertie the Bus) cutting Christmas hats at Tidmouth Sheds was beautifully amazing to attending at. The ‘We Wish you a Merry Christmas’ was performed able-bodied too. Such outstanding. The division 2 adventure ‘Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree’ stands out able-bodied too in agreement of abounding characters presented at the Christmas Party, but this adventure stands out to me more, because like I said, the catastrophe attempt was beautifully attempt actual well.

11) Arnold’s Christmas (Hey Arnold): And now we get to the Nickelodeon Christmas classic. It’s aback Helga Pataki capital to get those snow boots for Christmas, and Arnold and Gerald were aggravating to acquisition one as they were affairs about all of the ability from Mr. Bailey’s arcade list, but aback Arnold and Gerald couldn’t acquisition the Nancy Spumoni snow boots, Mr. Bailey said there is no accord if they can’t get aggregate from the list, and that would beggarly he would not acquisition Mr. Hyunh’s daughter, Mai. Speaking of Mr. Hyunh, the way he was sad about his absent babe and alike showed us his backstory so actual affecting and actual affecting and you gotta feel apologetic for this guy. Meanwhile, aback Helga got home, she assuredly did get her snow boots she wanted, but aback she went alfresco to try it out and noticed Arnold’s arcade list, she anticipation she would do the appropriate affair for Arnold and gives Mr. Bailey her snow boots. And by Christmas morning, Mr. Hyunh got his Christmas present, his actual own daughter, Mai. That adventure was actual heartwarming.

10) The Fright Afore Christmas (Danny Phantom): Actuality we are with addition Christmas adventure from a Nicktoon. This is addition one of the amusing Christmas episodes from any media and it’s additionally one of the activity arranged (as you would apprehend from this show). It’s aback Danny Fenton adage that he hated Christmas, all because of his parents arguing whether Santa is absolute or not. I can kinda accompanying to Danny, as there are times aback I feel that I hated Christmas, but abysmal bottomward I do (I adulation presents the best ). Anyways, Danny does into the Ghost Zone and destroyed every Christmas items to abate stress. But he additionally destroyed the Ghostwriters book he had written. Angered by this, he absitively to advise Danny a assignment by autograph addition book and fabricated Danny speaking in ryhmes. Danny is appealing abundant like a Scrooge in this episode, and the way he was affected to ryhme was absolutely funny. In the end, him and his apparitional foes exhausted up the Ghostwriter and anybody has a blessed Christmas.

9) A Beavis and Butthead Christmas (Beavis and Butthead): And that includes 2 shorts, ‘Huh Huh Humbug’ and ‘It’s a Miserable Life’, as able-bodied as ‘Letters to Santa Butthead’. These shorts are absolutely amusing to watch. For ‘Huh Huh Humbug’, it’s a apology to the Christmas Carol area Beavis plays the role as the Scrooge-like administrator at Burger Apple with Principal McVicker actuality his agent allurement to absorb time with his ancestors for Christmas. And Beavis meets the ghosts of Christmas past, present and approaching from aback he was aggravating to watch TV. As for ‘It’s a Miserable Life’ it’s a apology to It’s a Wonderful Life’. It’s aback Charlie the guardian angel was beatific bottomward to apple to actualization Butthead what the apple was like if he was never born. What’s absolutely awe-inspiring is that Beavis and Stewart had swithced anniversary added shirts. It’s a funny archetypal like you would apprehend from any Beavis and Butthead episodes.

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8) Son of Stimpy (The Ren and Stimpy Show): Oh Joy, it’s addition one of the Nickelodeon archetypal episodes, and it’s actual heartwarming too. Stimpy farts while assertive he gave bearing to Stinky, but Ren doesn’t accept him. Afterwards Stinky goes missing, Stimpy becomes depressed and looked all over boondocks to acquisition Stinky. Ren additionally became depressed as able-bodied afterwards Stimpy goes missing, and places the present appropriate abutting to a account of Stimpy J. Cat. And aback Stimpy got home, actuality arctic in a block of ice, Ren takes him to the blaze abode to balmy him up, but Stimpy was still agitated until they heard a doorbell, but it turns out, it was Stinky all along, and he and Stimpy accumulate happily, but Stinky explain to him that he can’t break with him as he founded a adulation of his activity and got affianced to a adulteration angle arch called Cora. So Stimpy marries these 2 blessed couples and they lived appropriately anytime after. Boy I admired that episode. It’s too bad some of the scenes were cut in the DVD releases, but it’s still one of the greatest episodes nonetheless.

7) Rocko’s Modern Christmas (Rocko’s Modern Life): This is addition one of the greatest Nicktoons Christmas appropriate yet. Rocko capital to allure all his accompany for his Christmas Party, but aback the Elves confused to the neighbourhood, Ed bighead advance rumours to Filburt, who told Dr. Hutchison and it goes on that the elves accept bacilli and were abashed by it that no one can go to the Christmas Party afterwards all. Yes, we can see why Mr. Bighead didn’t get his allurement and hated Elves, so that’s apparently it. The abutting morning, all the army aggregate about Rocko’s abode and Rocko let’s them in and they did had a Christmas Party afterwards all, but afterwards on it turns out that Ed was arrive to Rocko’s Christmas Party. What’s altered about this adventure is it had a altered aperture and closing themes. The accomplishments music aback Rocko was in the capital was the aforementioned one acclimated for the appellation cards for the Beavis and Butthead adventure above, and it was amazing.

6) Simpsons Roasting on an Open Blaze (The Simpsons): Ah yes, this is the Simpsons adventure that started it all (at atomic in aired order. The aboriginal one in assembly adjustment was ‘Some Enchanting Evening’) The actual aboriginal adventure of The Simpsons was a Christmas adventure (much like how the aboriginal Rugrats adventure was a Birthday Episode), and that aloof makes it angle out compared to best added cartoons. It’s actual heartwarming and clever, and we get to see the introductions to some of the characters such Principle Skinner, Ned Flanders, Moe Syzlak, Barney Gumble amid others. Alike Patty and Selma fabricated their aboriginal appearances here. Bart capital to get his boom for Chrstmas but his mom Marge wouldn’t let him and Homer was aggravating to acquisition the absolute present for the family. Afterwards acceptable depressed, he went to Moe’s Tavern answer his problems and Barney Gumble suggests to Homer that he should assignment as a Capital Santa in adjustment to get added cash. But aback the capital closes, Homer didn’t get his earnings, but Barney did, but they afterwards went to the dog chase clue and bets on a dog called Santa’s Little Helper, but afterwards he lose, Santa’s Little Helper was kicked out and ran into Homer and Bart begs his ancestor to accumulate him and now that Santa’s Little Helper is their pet, it was their best present of all. This is such a archetypal adventure anytime aired and the alone one aired in the 80’s (not counting the Tracy Ullman Shorts, one of which is a Christmas short).

5) Merry Christmas, Mr. Bean (Mr. Bean): This is addition one of the funniest Christmas specials ever. Aggregate was hilarious, including Mr. Bean testing out the Christmas lights, arena with the toys at the mall, him actuality aflame for joy that ‘Santa’ came for the ability and he recieves socks but he seems aflame for it, his turkey got ashore in his arch and best of all, Mr. Bean arena the orchestra as the conducter. It’s additionally heartwarming like you would commonly apprehend from a Christmas special.

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4) The Santa’s Experience (Rugrats): Speaking of Rugrats, there is addition Nicktoon Christmas appropriate and it’s the aboriginal one anytime aired. What’s acceptable about this adventure is that it’s additionally the aboriginal beheld actualization of Charlotte Pickles. It all starts with Tommy, Chuckie and Angelica with their Dads at the capital cat-and-mouse to accommodated Santa. Angelica goes in and asks Santa what she capital for Christmas, but the Capital Santa was borderline and again Angelica notices that it isn’t a absolute Santa Claus, but aloof a affected (there’s consistently a affected Santa at arcade malls ya know). Afterwards on, Angelica decides to ambush Phil and Lil into trading presents, but afterwards audition Grandpa Lou’s Christmas adventure and accepting a nightmare, Angelica decides to accomplish things appropriate afore it’s too backward as she was worryed that she would be on the annoying account and recieves a agglomeration of coal. The Pickles, Finster and DeVille familes appointed a berth and Tommy and Chuckie checks the spots area Santa would be, while Angelica tries to acquaint the twins about the presents, as Betty and Didi tries to acquisition a Christmas timberline to cut down. But aback it was bedtime for the babies, Angelica was shocked, but he she saw a TV ad, she dials the hotline allurement whether she was on a nice account or not. And that guy on the added band said she was on the bad account and that fabricated Angelica unhappy. Tommy and Chuckie started authoritative affairs to abduction Santa, and Chas Finster was dressed up like one alone for Chuckie (and the added babies to a bottom extent) to get afraid at him, alone to reaveal it was his father. Again the absolute Santa came into the aperture and gave the kids all their presents and afterwards Santa left, Phil and Lil gave anniversary others presents. Phil’s got a amplitude helmet and Lil’s got crayons and Angelica gave both of them a Reptar baby and a colouring book respectivitly. Angelica did got her present afterwards all, but she did noticed that she additionally got a coal, so I assumption she wasn’t acceptable abundant on Christmas that year. It’s a abundant Christmas adventure nonetheless. There are added abundant Christmas themed episodes of this series, but this adventure started it all.

3) Appealing Pretty Dresses (King of the Hill): This is conceivably the darkest and black Christmas episode, yet it’s still one of the funniest. You gotta feel apologetic for Bill Dauterieve, as his ex wife afar him on Christmas Day, so Hank decides to breeze Bill out of it. But aback Bill assuredly did, aggregate would about-face out fine, but aback Hank allotment his pet iguana name Lenore the abutting day, abundant to his horror, he saw Bill dressed in womens accouterment assuming to be Lenore (which these clothings were originally meant to be his ability for his ex wife). Hank tells Bill (thinking he’s Lenore) that he is not arrive to his Cbristmas Party, but Bill say’s he’s arrive anyway. At Hank’s abode during the Christmas Party, Bill was authoritative anybody including Buck Strickland uncomfortable, so Hank deciedes to accomplish things appropriate already and for all, by cutting a womens dress. The arena area Bill runs alfresco and Hank cogent him he’s Lenore and adage he doesn’t adulation him was not alone hilarious, but absolutely heartwarming. Abundant like Rugrats, this actualization additionally had added abundant Christmas episodes, but this one stands out to me the most.

2) A Swifty Shifty Christmas (Swift and Shift Couriers): The aftermost 2 on the account are Paul Fenech shows, and this adventure absolutely takes abode about December. It’s a absolutely amusing episode. Mario had a action with the Traffic Controller was absolutely funny, and so was this arena aback George heard Renzo’s buzz campanology and destroyed it. Kev told George they were activity to a altered club they were absolutely going, so George basically beatific Mario, Leanne and Renzo to a amiss club. Meanwhile, anybody was accepting bashed at the club for a Christmas Party and Keith has got the shits aback he recieved a letter from Amanda, who about ran over the aforementioned Traffic Controller Mario action beforehand and Murray (the above agent at Swift and Shift whom Amanda accursed him in the aboriginal episode) who is now a cop bent Amanda and gives Keith addition chance, and Murray quits his job as a cop and goes aback to Swift and Shift in the abutting season. This is the Division 1 afterpiece of Swift and Shift Couriers, and it was Christmas themed, abundant like the aboriginal 3 seasons of Thomas and Friends.

1) Band Pizza (Fat Pizza): Yes, this is a Christmas in July episode, but that still counts, right? Able-bodied we got all the employess cutting red uniforms and Santa hats (including Bobo, and Lin Chow Bang was additionally cutting her Cbristmas outfit). It shows that Pauly absolutely hated Christmas all because of his abhorrent memories aback he was a kid, His ancestor approved to get his son to sit on Santa’s lap, but the capital Santa won’t let him and he rascitlly tells his blessed little cadre to bang that wog out of here. Davo additionally abutting the band and we see his censor (the angel and devil) cogent him from appropriate and wrong. Of course, we see addition one of Pauly’s adherent of the day, and that chick’s name was Gina. She was absolutely adorable attractive and I accept the ambition for her. The Better the Devil you apperceive song by Kylie Minogue abreast the end articulate absolutely catchy. So yeah, this is one of the best episodes of Fat Pizza anytime made.

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Honourble Mentions* I’m Dreaming of a White Ranger (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)* A Division to Remember (Power Rangers Zeo)* Doug’s Christmas Adventure (Doug)* A Actual CatDog Christmas (CatDog)* Christmas Who? (SpongeBob SquarePants)* Gift Hoarse (The Angry Beavers)* Accept Yourself a Thornberry Little Christmas (The Wild Thornberrys)* Chaunukah (Rugrats)* Let it Snow (Rugrats)* Kwanzaa (Rugrats)* Babies in Toyland (Rugrats)* Traditions (Rugrats 2021)* The Finster Who Stole Christmas (All Grown Up)* A Scooter for Yaksmas (The Ren and Stimpy Show)* Christmas Everyday (Fairly Odd Parents)* The Best Horrible Xmas Anytime (Invader Zim)* A Rocket X-Mas (Rocket Power)* Holy Jolly Jimmy (The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genious)* Twas the Night (Johnny Bravo)* Twas the Action Afore Christmas (Powerpuff Girls)* Twas the Nut Afore Christmas (King of the Hill)* Hillenium (King of the Hill)* The Father, the Son and J.C (King of the Hill)* Livin’ on Reds, Vitamin C and Propane (King of the Hill)* Marge Be Not Proud (The Simpsons)* Xmas Adventure (Futurama)* The Actual Appropriate Ancestors Guy Freakin Christmas (Family Guy)* Thomas and the Missing Christmas Timberline (Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends)* Snow Business (Fireman Sam)* Holiday Time (Buzz Lightyear Star Command)* Sonic’s Christmas Blast (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog)* Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas (Inspector Gadget)* Ferbus’ Aboriginal Christmas (Masked Rider)

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Mom Birthday Card Template

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