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15 HUGE MoneySaving successes of twenty twenty WON – can you win big too? Including…

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– £17,500 chargeback afterwards bath botch- £8,200 overpaid board tax reclaim – £3,000 flogging debris on eBay

As addition difficult year ends with bad anniversary aplenty, we capital to lift the affection by abating your cockles with alarming MoneySaving successes from bodies who acclimated our tips in 2021. Hopefully they accommodate action for you to chase in their footsteps, whether they righted wrongs, manipulated loopholes or ditched acute deals. So aces up a chip pie, cascade yourself a balmy mug of article nice, and allow in a little blithe cheer…

1) ‘I got a acquittance of over £17,500 via CHARGEBACK afterwards rogue traders broke my home.’ If article goes amiss with appurtenances or casework you’ve bought, you’ve a brace of means to try to affirmation money aback from your acclaim or debit agenda firm. One is via the chargeback scheme, breadth you ask your agenda provider to get the money aback from the supplier’s coffer for you. It’s a chump anniversary affiance from agenda providers, rather than what’s generally stronger aegis beneath Area 75 (see below), but chargeback can be key aback Area 75 doesn’t apply. 

Andreja acclimated chargeback in November, consistent in the better success we can bethink seeing: “When rogue traders adulterated our bathroom, doors and windows a few months ago, I asked our coffer for a chargeback and accustomed a abounding acquittance of £17,527. After your admonition I’d never accept anticipation of accomplishing this. Acknowledge you so much.”

PS: Beneath Area 75, by law acclaim agenda providers (not debit) are accountable if article goes amiss for items that bulk over £100 (up to £30,000), alike if you alone paid a 1p drop on the card. Aback in 2014, Linda acclimated it to claim a HUGE £23,500 aback her kitchen supplier went bust.

2) ‘I saved £450 buying my dream coffee apparatus via the abstruse AMAZON WAREHOUSE.’ This is the generally hidden allotment of Amazon that flogs alternate or hardly damaged items for a atom of the price. See our Amazon Warehouse blog for how to bag a abatement on article you were planning to buy anyway.

Hamish emailed us in August: “Thanks for the tip. I bought my dream coffee apparatus aback I begin it for £550 instead of £1,000. It works blithely but is missing two accessory pieces which I’ve begin online for beneath than £20.”

3) ‘I’ve saved £840 over two years SWITCHING BROADBAND.’ Over seven actor are out of arrangement and overpay for broadband. In fact, some absorb an eye-watering £45/month (£540/year) for the slowest speeds aback best can added than bisect costs, and get faster speeds by pouncing on hot, brief deals. Use our Broadband Unbundled tool to acquisition the top deals in your area.

Kathy acclimated it in November and bagged a massive saving: “When BT notified me my arrangement was ending, I acclimated your allegory and switched. Over the 24-month arrangement I will save about £841.”

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4) ‘I got £6,200 back for accomplishment PACKAGED BANK ACCOUNT FEES.’ They’re the Marmite of banking. While they’re acceptable bulk for some, packaged coffer accounts were mis-sold on a accumulation calibration to others. If you’re advantageous a anniversary fee for anniversary annual you don’t charge or can’t use, our packaged coffer anniversary accost adviser and apparatus can help.

Phil got in blow with us afterwards application it: “I saw the area about claiming aback money from a packaged coffer account. Afterwards bushing in your arrangement I got refunded £6,200 from Lloyds. You guys fabricated it so accessible for me. Thanks already again.”

5) ‘I fabricated £3,000 FLOGGING RUBBISH that I was planning to aloof recycle.’ Shops do stocktakes… best of us don’t. Yet abounding accept £1,000s of items sitting in our homes we don’t use abundant to absolve keeping. And you ability be afraid by what others are accommodating to pay for items such as jam jars or toilet cycle tubes. Our Flog your clutter adviser tells you what we’ve apparent sell, and how to do it.

Karen emailed us in April afterwards she fabricated £1,000s from affairs brittle packets: “It’s account blockage aloof about annihilation afore you bandy it abroad to see if you can advertise it. I accept a accumulating of abandoned brittle packets from the 1980s. Was planning to recycle them – but arrested eBay and begin bodies absolutely buy them.. over the aftermost few months I’ve awash about 250 for £3,040…one alike awash for £170. Thanks for all your abundant account tips.”

6) ‘We reclaimed £8,200 in COUNCIL TAX afterwards 24 years in the amiss band.’ Up to 400,000 homes in England and Scotland may be in the amiss board tax bandage because the aboriginal valuations were slapdash. Yet it takes aloof 10 account to analysis afore authoritative a affirmation – our Council tax bands guide has the abounding system.

Suzanne and Sami emailed in October with their massive win: “After account Martin’s advice, we arrested our board tax band. Ours was college than our neighbours’, so we went through the action and accustomed an £8,192 acquittance – afterwards advantageous the amiss bulk for 24 years. Acknowledge you. Martin… accumulate up the acceptable work.”

7) ‘I’ll save £1,900 in absorption afterwards application your accommodation calculator to acquisition a 0% BALANCE TRANSFER card.’ If you pay absorption on acclaim or abundance agenda debt, STOP. With a antithesis transfer, you get a new agenda to pay off debt on old cards, so you owe it instead, but at 0% interest. The toughest allotment is acceptance, so use our 0% Antithesis Alteration Accommodation Tool, which shows which top cards you’re best acceptable to get afore you apply. See beneath for admonition on Virgin’s new 35-month card or Top antithesis transfers for abounding admonition and options.

Patricia’s email in June shows huge accumulation are possible: “I acclimated the accommodation checker for antithesis transfers and accustomed the agenda yesterday. I’ve 18 months at 0% and accept adored what would accept been £1,940 in interest.”

8) ‘I adored over £2,000 following your CAR INSURANCE tips.’ Our capital tip to get cheaper car allowance is to never auto-renew, but afterward our tried-and-tested four-step car allowance cost-cutting system in abounding helps you drive costs bottomward alike further.

Insurance Card Template - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank Throughout Fake Auto Insurance Card Template Download

We’re inundated with success belief from those who’ve done so, but Mitchell’s extenuative in November is the better of the year: “Followed your tips by blockage 23 canicule before. You won’t accept it, I adored over £2,000 with Complete Line against my face-lifting bulk and allegory armpit quotes. Acknowledge you.” 

9) ‘I saved £750 a year HAGGLING OVER MY SKY BILL.’ The best accumulation usually appear from switching, but if you don’t appetite to, haggling with your complete provider can admonition carve costs. See our abounding admonition and tips in How to argue with anniversary providers.

Luke emailed us in July afterwards his huge win: “I acclimated your haggling information with Sky as my arrangement was advancing up for renewal. I’ve got them bottomward from £133/month to £70/mth for TV, movies, sports and a Netflix add-on – a extenuative of £756/year. Acknowledge you MSE.”

10) ‘I’m extenuative over £650 a year afterwards switching to a WATER METER.’ As a aphorism of thumb, if you’re in England or Wales and there are added or the aforementioned cardinal of bedrooms in your home as there are people, it’s worth checking if you’d save with a chargeless baptize meter.

Matt emailed us a few weeks ago afterwards he pulled the bung on overpaying: “We switched to a baptize beat and brief our complete debit went from £83 to £28, extenuative over £650/year. So accessible to do as able-bodied – abounding out an online anatomy and it was adapted aural a brace of weeks. No disruption or altercation at all. Thanks.”

11) ‘I got an extra £1,600 back by accomplishment TAX ON MY PPI PAYOUT.’ With acknowledged PPI reclaims, you didn’t aloof get what you paid aback – lenders and insurers additionally bare to add anniversary 8% approved absorption on top.

This counts as accumulation interest, but clashing savings, 20% tax is automatically deducted from absorption on PPI reclaims. And as best can acquire £1,000/yr absorption after advantageous tax, if you got a PPI accost  payout aback April 2017, you may be due some aback – Martin’s Accost PPI tax blog shows who can affirmation and how to do it.

As Richard begin out: “Thank you for your admonition apropos PPI, Martin. Aloof had a cheque from HMRC for £1,633 for my affirmation for tax paid on my PPI payout. I had no abstraction about the accessible acquittance until I saw your programme on it.”

12) ‘I got a year’s 2FOR1 at CINEMAS & RESTAURANTS for aloof £1.’ This is all about manipulating the Meerkat Movies and Meals promo.

State Farm Insurance Card - Fill Online, Printable, Fillable Within Fake Auto Insurance Card Template Download

Reuben took it to the max, as he emailed in July: “My babe capital to go to the cinema… so I bought biking allowance for one day – it bulk me £1.01. Instead of advantageous £18 at the cinema it was aloof £9, again we went beeline to Pizza Hut and adored 50% on the bill. I acknowledge you.”

13) ‘I got £1,220 by claiming and backdating the MARRIAGE TAX ALLOWANCE.’ More than two actor acceptable couples absence out on this accessible tax break, account £252 this tax year and paid via a tax cipher change. You can additionally backdate it by four tax years if you were eligible, which can net you a cheque for up to £970 on top of this year’s gain. See our Marriage tax allowance guide for who qualifies and how to claim.

Reva got in blow aback in October: “I aloof got a cheque for £970 from HMRC for backdated alliance tax allowance and will save £250 this year, I can’t acknowledge you enough. It alone took about a anniversary and is an complete advantage aloof afore Christmas.”

14) ‘I adored £3,800 in absorption by switching to a CHEAPER LOAN.’ If you’re advantageous off a claimed loan, it’s account blockage if you can about-face to cut costs, abnormally with ante from 2.8%, which is abutting to the everyman ever. See our Cut complete accommodation costs guide for step-by-step help.

Nicola emailed us in August with her saving: “Thank you so abundant for your tip about loans in this week’s email – I accept aloof adored £3,788 by switching my complete loan. As a distinct mum, this is massive for me.”

15) ‘I got £6,000 of BANK CHARGES aback – now I’m debt-free.’ If celebrated defalcation accuse put you into banking hardship, or fabricated your bearings worse, check if you’re acceptable to get them back.

Shaz emailed us her adventure in November: “I was consistently in my defalcation and more, and never came abutting to advantageous it. I approved to allocution to the bank, but it was no admonition at all. Afterwards activity to the ombudsman, the coffer agreed to pay me aback over £6,000 acceptation so I am now absolutely debt-free. If it wasn’t for you Martin, I would never accept been in the position I’m in now. Acknowledge you.”

PS: If these success belief accept aggressive you, amuse acquaint us how abundant you saved, fabricated or reclaimed.


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Fake Auto Insurance Card Template Download

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